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The Isla Grande Option

Get airborne a lot quicker…and save money.

We have great news for our San Juan (SJU) connecting passengers! We now have a simple, hassle free option that will save you a considerable amount of time, money and frustration!

Please note: Due to recent operating cost increases at San Juan, our SJU round-trip cost has increased $1,000. Taking this option will save your party $1,000!

As many of you are painfully aware, SJU has enforced many logistical hurdles for passenger & baggage handling. This has resulted in very lengthy and frustrating delays for passengers departing on Island Birds, up to 2.5 hours at times.

Not to worry, we have the simple solution.

We can now offer all of our SJU connecting passengers the option of departing out of and arriving into Isla Grande International Airport (SIG), just a few miles west.

It’s just a quick cab ride away!

Here’s how simple, quick and easy it is:

1. After landing at SJU, collect your luggage

2. Walk outside and straight into one of the COUNTLESS AWAITING LARGE TAXI’S. Tell them you are going to the “Isla Grande Airport Terminal”.

3. Within 13 minutes (average) you will arrive and your party will be airborne shortly thereafter.

The terminal is very small and there is no TSA screening whatsoever. The passengers and all baggage simply go straight out the front door, allowing you and your party to be at the aircraft with your luggage within mere minutes of being dropped off.

During rush hour traffic, this short journey will of course take a bit longer, although rarely more than 30 minutes. Despite this, you will still be airborne much quicker than had you gone through the logistical hurdles now in place at SJU, which has often taken up to 2.5 hours, or more.

Save your money, your time and avoid all the frustration. Take the Isla Grande option, you’ll be glad you did!


-Please call your Captain when you are in the taxi and on your way. This number will be provided to you by our reservations department.

-Although SIG is open 24 hrs a day for aircraft operations, its Customs and Immigration offices are only open between 10 AM to 7:30 PM. This could prove a limiting factor for certain flights. Our reservations department will advise you accordingly.