About Us



Island Birds was formed in the year 2000 by retired USAir Captain Robert T. Lemire, otherwise known as “Captain Bob”. His long and illustrious career saw him amass some 36,000 hours flying everything from Convair 240’s to Boeing 767’s.

Having retired to the paradisaical shores of the BVI in 1995, Bob’s genuine, undying love for aviation saw his retirement from the industry short lived. Starting with just himself and “Aztec 40267”, Bob’s little airline soon grew into the largest charter airline in the Caribbean.

The key to Island Birds’ success has been the modelling of the airline’s “MO” after the golden years of aviation. Pampering the passenger in every conceivable way, ceaseless attention to customer service and VIP handling all the way.

Bob continues to realize that Island Birds success is entirely due to his loyal and ever growing clientele, who have come to expect such excellent service.

They also rest assured they’re flying on incredibly well maintained aircraft. Unlike most airline owners, Bob is a highly experienced, seasoned pilot who understands the importance of rule #1: Never sacrifice safety for profit.

Service with safety. It’s our MO.

“Thank you for flying Island Birds. We’re honored to have you aboard!”
– Captain Bob