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Baggage Restrictions

If you are traveling on one of our 9 Passenger Chieftains, it’s important to highlight that although you may have 40-50 lbs per person allotted for luggage weight, there is a size limit of equal importance. Fitting your luggage in the limited room provided on our small aircraft will be impossible if everyone has a large and/or hard-sided bag. Soft duffel type bags and carry on luggage load best in our aircraft.

If you are 7 or more passengers, we strongly recommend that you travel with duffel and carry-on bags only. This is especially true if your party is comprised of all adults.

The below is a list of what can fit on our Chieftain aircraft, should you be planning on bringing conventional luggage:

  • (2) – 30 inches
  • (3) – 27 inches
  • (2) – 24 inches
  • (3) – 22 inches (standard airline cabin luggage/carry-on luggage)
  • Every other bag must be no bigger than a standard overnight or personal item bag.

Thank you for your cooperation! The safety and comfort of your flight depends on it.